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Super Alpha Original Hydrocolloid Intensive Spot Patch (78 Patches)

  • Rescue your special day with Super Alpha V-Patch and fully enjoy that moment without worrying! Vtari's high grade original hydrocolloid spot patch helps with the faster healing process and protects the wound from secondary contaminants. Our V-Patch works best with whiteheads and flattened pimple. It is not recommended for cystic acne or blackheads.

    • Absorbs impurities and oil.
    • Protects from outside irritants and prevents Secondary infection.
    • Creates moist environment to help minimize scarring.
    • Formulated with Niacinamide.
    • Works best with whiteheads.


    [NO's] No animal derived ingredient, No animal testing, Alcohol Free, Fragrance Free, Artificial Color Free, Paraben Free, & Sulfate Free

Vtari_White Truffle_All Time Multi Balm
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